About Us

“Travel Roady” is a blog which is mainly based on Village Tourism in India. The prime focus of the blog is to attract the tourists from all over the world towards the diversified Culture, Traditions, Heritage, Natural Beauty, Arts & Architecture, Food and Homestay facilities in the number of attractive but less known tourism destinations in the Indian rural hinterlands.

The Blog provides you all the detailed information about particular rural destinations and a proper Itinerary plan for visiting, Staying, Places to See, Activities to do and various commercial product to purchase in the form of blog posts with attractive images, maps, and videos.


Why should you Plan for a Short Village Tour in India?

India is well known for its rich Rural culture, where approximately 70% of the population lives in nearly 6 lakh villages. This rural ambiance will take you very close to the scenic beauty of Indian village and at the same time, it will walk you through the real Indian Culture & Traditions ranging from variety of Artistic works (Handicrafts, Handlooms) to the making of household instruments, musical instruments, Honey and Silk making, Cooking and also allows you to participate in different Agro practices like Plantation, Cattle caring, Nature Education, Tree Climbing, clay molding and many other Agricultural activities.


About Me                             

I am Akshay Lendey, and I am basically an Engineering Graduate. It has been almost four years passed since I completed my Graduation. In these four years, I have been involved in various career building processes and I was being always in the hunt of the platform where I can survive for the lifetime. All my field practices didn’t really allow me to set my desired platform.

During my college days, I was less involved with my semester subjects but more on planning short trips to anywhere around the backyard with my college friends with very less money on hand. What’s new in that? Everybody during their college time does that. But my interest is moreover towards this.

In fact, even when I got a couple of days off to my college terms, I used to make a plan for another trip to explore some new destinations around the state.  I always had a dream to choose a career where I would be pay off by traveling around every part of the world.

Coming back today, I finally decided to follow my biggest hobby for the lifetime to achieve my dreams-that is –Traveling around the world.

Thus, I choose Blogging as a Platform where I would walk you through some beautiful hidden Indian villages which are most popular for its variety of Culture, Traditions, Commercial Rural products and are in the list of some top most village tourism attractions across India where people can easily plan a short and relaxing trip.



The Blog also focus to generate new employment opportunities for the rural people in India through Village Tourism and supports all the governmnet initiatives which are focussing on the same Vision.