Top 5 Activities to do near Sambhar Salt Lake- Jaipur Backyard

Top 5 Activities to do near Sambhar Salt Lake- Jaipur Backyard

Jaipur in Rajasthan is popularly known as the Pink city of India and it offers a large number of historical attractions in its yellow land. Sambhar is a village situated in the backyard of Jaipur, which is about 80 km away from the city.

This village has a number of amazing getaways that takes around 3-4 days to travel each attractions in the village. It includes places like Sambhar wildlife sanctuary, Local Village fairs, Holy temples, Albert Hall Museum.

All these destinations are worth visiting for the tourists of every genre (young, family, children). if you are an adventure freak, bird lover or a destination explorer-Sambhar Salt lake is an ideal place to plan your 3 day short trip in the Sambhar village.

Sambhar Salt Lake is situated just 10 km away from Sambhar village and is the largest inland Salt Lake in India. This place is widely spread in the large area of 90 sq km where the heat of the Sun keeps the temperature of the lake bed warm throughout the day and the lake remains dry during summer and winter.

This produces the ample scope of sightseeing opportunities and adventures activities in the vast solitary space of Sambhar salt lake. Let’s dive more deeply to know the top 5 activities to do near Sambhar Salt Lake.


Top 5 activities to do near Sambhar Salt Lake


1) Camping at Sambhar Salt Lake

Do you love to spend a night in the open dark sky by covering the shawl of glittering stars with your friends or family?  then you must go camping once in your life in the dry lakebed of Sambhar Salt Lake.

The most interesting thing to experience while camping in Sambhar Lake is to witness the panoramic view of the galaxy with the countless stars sparkling  over the sky at midnight.


activities to do near Sambhar Salt Lake.

activities to do near Sambhar Salt Lake.


Doesn’t matter what the occasion is, one can witness this stunning scene even during Amavasya, when no moon appears in the sky. The people who loved gazing the shining stars in the sky in their childhood will truly love to allure this Milky Way attraction while enjoying camping in a solitary space.

The task is not going to be that simple once you decide for camping near Sambhar salt lake as there is no food and water facility available anywhere in the vicinity of this place.

But don’t worry! Nobody can stop you to do your favorite adventure if you are determined enough to do it. Just keep remembering the below tips that will help you in preparation for a thrilling camping in Sambhar salt lake.


Tips for Camping in Sambhar salt lake:


  • Take the proper meal before getting ready for camping and get the proper amount of Snacks and Food from any local dhabas in Sambhar village.


  • Depending upon the number of persons in your group, you must carry mineral water bottles with the capacity of at least 5 liters for each person.


  • You have to reach Sambhar lake anywhere around 5 pm and just make sure you could visit the venue before the sunset as there is no electric facility near the location.


  • For overcoming electricity issue, you must carry a couple of high watt torches or emergency light (Full Charged) with you in this overnight camping. In most of the occasions, when the people are traveling by their own vehicles (Gypsy or Car) uses its battery to resolve the electricity issue. So this would also be an excellent idea if you are camping in a group with friends or family with your personal car or hired gypsy.


  • One last thing you should keep in your mind that you can view the visibility of the Galaxy in the sky only during its peak time at midnight which is around 12:30 am to 5 am. The important fact about this place is that there is almost nil light pollution so one can definitely view the stunning view of galaxy anytime during the mentioned time slot.


2)   Bird watching in sambhar salt Lake

If you love to watch the natural creatures in the sky like birds then Sambhal Lake is a worthwhile getaway for you. The people will get the chance to view a special species of birds called ‘flemingos’ which is a type of wading bird belongs to Phoenicopteridae family.


activities to do near Sambhar Salt Lake.

activities to do near Sambhar Salt Lake.


It is elegant to watch the flock of massive Siberian flamingos either whispering or shifting spots from the lake water to the dark mud or flying across the sky over the lake which creates gorges picturesque amidst the lakebed.

In the morning, when the sun rises over this vast landscape, the reflection of the sun from the lakebed goes miles into the horizon while in the evening during sunset; you will be astonished to watch the pink pale of the flamingos when it glows with the dusking rays of the Sun.


activities to do near Sambhar Salt Lake.

activities to do near Sambhar Salt Lake.


There are a massive number of flamingos around 30000 to 60000 enters in the Sambhar Lake throughout the year. Along with this, there are other migratory birds participate with flamingos and makes the ambiance more cheerful.


3) Driving and Paragliding Adventure


Those people who love to do crazy things and try hands at every new task whenever get chance, they should definitely take the opportunity to experience the long rush driving in the rough and dry surface of the Sambhar salt lake without following any traffic rules. Perhaps it is one of the best ways to explore most part of the lake mostly the western reservoir.


activities to do near Sambhar Salt Lake.

activities to do near Sambhar Salt Lake.


Tips for driving in Sambhar salt lake

  • Drive only four wheelers (personal car or gypsy). The two-wheelers might get stick to the routes.
  • Drive with caution as there are several undefined routes in the Sambhar lake. Don’t drive in the prohibited area.
  • Hire a gypsy from the Jaipur for a day that will available at reasonable cost.



Most people prefer to go paragliding over the blue water of Goa and kerala where they enjoy flying across the blue sky above the blue water. When the cool breeze driven by the blue water of the sea touches the skin, it generates the mesmerizing sensation in the whole body.

But have you ever experience paragliding over the yellow land of Rajasthan? Sambhar Salt Lake provides an amazing experience of paragliding, where you fly in the air above the large lake bed instead of blue water. This will give you completely different experience, the sky spread its warmth all around the atmosphere due to the heat of the sun.


activities to do near Sambhar Salt Lake.

activities to do near Sambhar Salt Lake.


The i-paragliding team from Jodhpur remarked Sambhar Lake as the best location in Rajasthan for paragliding adventure. It was announced after the professional team of i-paragliding practices paragliding in the different sights of Sambhar Lake.


4) Salt refinery factory visit

The Sambhar salt lake is a popular destination for salt production and refinery factory for many years. It produces around 1,96,000 tonnes pure salt throughout the year. The salt is distributed to all the sector of Rajasthan after it is refined in the salt refinery factory. The large section of the space is allotted to a salt manufacturing unit known as Sambhar Salt Limited also called Hindustan Salt Limited.


activities to do near Sambhar Salt Lake.

activities to do near Sambhar Salt Lake.


There is a heap of salts lying around most part of the area near the factory where a large number of labors engaged in extracting the salts from the Sambhar Lake with a mattock in their hands and loading it into a small trolly like wooden wagon where it is shifted through a narrow railway gauge to the salt plants.

Here, the salts are refined in the large machinery implemented in the factories where it is subjected to export to the most part of the country and the whole Rajasthan.

You might take a ride on the trolly to see the whole salt refining process where you will be charged a reasonable amount (around five hundred bucks) for few hours.


5) Visit Shakhambhari Temple

After getting exhausted from the whole day activities and adventures, relax your soul by visiting a historical Shakhambhari temple which is just 5 Km away from Sambhar Salt Lake. You just need to drive parallel to lakes periphery and reach the temple after crossing couple of villages.


activities to do near Sambhar Salt Lake.

activities to do near Sambhar Salt Lake.


The Shakhambhari temple is a historical Mata Mandir situated at the hillock, from where one can view the splendid view of large heaps of salt lying over the whole lakebed that is visible for miles from the top elevation of the temple. The monks present in the temple will make you aware of the actual history of the temple.


Tips for staying

There is no any popular facility for overnight staying near the temple so you have to move from the temple as soon as you finish the whole visit otherwise you may have to stay in your vehicles overnight.


Best Time to Visit

The most favorable time to visit Shambhar Salt lake is during winter from November to March when the lake remains dry which is favorable for camping and driving.

If you visit here in winter, it will provide you a great opportunity for Bird watching and Paragliding.


Traveling route to Sambhar Lake


To visit Sambhar lake, you need to first reach Jaipur (about 70km) via NH 48 (RJ SH 47) (Jaipur- Ajmer-Naraina-Shambhar) or you can reach direct by train.  There is no direct public transport available for sambhar lake. You need to hire taxi or gypsy if you are traveling with more than 3 members.



The sambhar salt lake is always a famous attraction for the tourists in leisure. Most of the people sometimes could not able to find out the why they should visit this destination. This article will help them in determining the top 5 activities to do near Sambhar Salt Lake.







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