Top 8 Games you can witness in Kila Raipur Sports Festival

Top 8 Games you can witness in Kila Raipur Sports Festival

The Rural tourism of India makes the tourists proud not only with rich culture but it also offers some breathtaking destinations for Rural sports.

Kila Raipur Sports Festival is one of the famous rural events of Ludhiana in Punjab. It is celebrated every year in the first week of February by the Grewal Sports Association.

There are millions of viewers from all over the globe visits here to witness the three days “Rural Olympics” which has been the place of attraction for more than 4,000 sports persons including both man and women.

If you are planning a cultural and adventures trip to Punjab then you must visit Kila Raipur village to watch this incredible rural festival in the backyard of Ludhiana. The Kila Raipur Sports Festival is a fine getaway for sports lover and those who like to watch different types of rural games.

Yes! The sports enthusiasts could enjoy various traditional games in this mega event festival. The interesting thing about the Kila Raipur Rural Olympics is that there are games for physically challenged, senior citizens, deaf and mute.


Top 8 Games you can witness in Kila Raipur Sports Festival


1)    Tug of war

Tug of War is a strength test game for the contestants in which two teams of minimum eight players stand at the opposite end of the rope and pulls it with full force in order to get the opposite team into their zone.

Kila Raipur sports festival

Kila Raipur Sports Festival

The “Punjabi Mustang” applies their full effort to pull the rope into their side to defeat the opposite team.  Meanwhile, when the game in progress, the whole ground looks like the space of battle, where the players of both the teams assigned themselves as a solid companion of victory.

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2)    Hockey

Hockey is one of the popular games, played in the Kila Raipur Sports Festival. It attracts a large number of audience who watches and cheers for the players and expects their favorite team to hit a winning strike.

It organizes with two local teams in the large ground made especially for the hockey. The visitors support the game of hockey in these sports events which continuously maintains the audience interest to the maximum level.

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3)    Cycle Race

The whole audience awaits for this amazing contest of 100 meters/ 200 meters/ 400 meters Cycle race in the Kila Raipur rural Olympics. The participants with a racing bicycle and a helmet on the head get ready to compete with their opponents.

As soon as the sound of whistle echoed in the whole stadium, the cycle race begins with the huge round of a plause by the audience, who cheers their favorite contestant with a loud voice. They encourage them to win the race along the path, till the cycle race reaches to the final round of the game.

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4)    Kabaddi

The kabbadi is one of the most popular rural games in the Kila Raipur Sports Festival. Millions of spectators enjoy witnessing kabaddi every year. The Punjabi players come up with a complete traditional style dress up, usually with a ‘red dhoti’ in the upper waist to play a challenging kabaddi match in the middle of the ‘Desi Mitti’.

Following the referee signal, the kabaddi match starts with the full crowd support. Each player applies its full effort to put down the opponent straight down the ground and not let them return to their side by crossing the line.

This is the hardest game of kabaddi with compare to any other format since it is played on the solid surface without any ground support. This makes the kabaddi more popular amongst the audience. The people from overseas also enjoy the battle with complete involvement.

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5)    Tractor Race

This is an amazing event in the Kila Raipur Sports Festival. The Spectators watches this contest by standing around the ground in the large number. They are filled with complete enthusiasm to know who will be the super racer after winning this thrilling Tractor race? Everybody holds a camera in their hand to capture this memorable event.

Kila Raipur sports festival

Kila Raipur Sports Festival

The race usually started with the minimum of three tractors at a time and with the referee signal, the tractors immediately rush from their separate lanes towards the finishing line and the atmosphere gets dusted with the awash by these three high capacity tractors. The race usually lasts for about 3 minutes which becomes the most exciting moments for all the viewers present on the ground.


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6)    Dog Race

This event conducted on the greenish surface, normally favorable for the Dogs. The Dog race starts with the two dogs at a time. They are trained tremendously for the race by the experts before introducing them in the ground. The foreigners especially visit Kila Raipur Sports Festival to watch different breeds of dogs taking part in the racing competition.

To make dogs initiates the race, the referee uses the small vehicle toy which passes beside the dogs with high speed. Both the dogs’ rushes away to follow the vehicle toy and the audience enjoy this two minutes dog race by clapping hands.


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7)    Weight Lifting & Wrestling

You may have seen the weightlifting and wrestling competitions at the International Olympics where the sumo lifts the heavy weights and the wrestlers fight under the cage.

In the Kila Raipur rural Olympics, the weight lifting & Wrestling participants are the local daredevils of Punjab, usually, the farmers who take the opportunity to prove his strengths by lifting more heavy weights in the desi ground.

Kila Raipur sports festival

Kila Raipur Sports Festival

The contest begins with Turn basis where the participants start lifting the weight from lowest weight to highest weight according to the individual strengths. The player who lifts the highest weight becomes the winner of the competition.

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8)   Old & Physically Disabled Race

In this sports event, there is racing competition for an old and physically disabled person. You can’t believe your eyes when you see the 70-year-old people running with full stamina with full confidence of winning the race. It sometimes becomes the challenge for the young trunk of the village in terms of self-esteem and strengths.

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On the other hand, your eyes need to be more visionary to watch the people without legs participate in the tricycle race. They have so much enthusiasm that even a fit person seems less energetic than these physically handicapped people who try so hard to move the tricycle quickly with their hands to win the race.

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Important facts & Limitations


  • The Kila Raipur Sports Festival begins every year in the first week of February.


  • There is a plethora of activities and events take place in this festival apart from Sports like traditional Punjabi dance Gidda & Bhangra.


  • The foreigners from England, Canada, USA, Toronto visit this festival every year in huge amount, especially to see different types of games, breeds of animals and other traditional events.


  • The Bullock cart race is the most exciting sports events of this place but unfortunately, this event has been banned by the government for past two years.


How to Visit Kila Raipur Village?

Kila Raipur is just 19 km away from Ludhiana city. Once you reach Ludhiana you can take a private bus from ISBT to Dehlon from where you could find a traditional vehicle of the village called “Tuktuk” which will drop you to Kila Raipur Sports festival venue. If you want to reach the sports event venue more comfortably then you could hire a taxi from Ludhiana city itself.



These are the Top 8 games you can witness in Kila Raipur Sports Festival. All the events and sports organized here will blow your mind. These events are continuously taking place every year since 1933, so it becomes an integral part of rural tourism in India.













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